Amsterdam The Map. Map application for smartphones

Don’t take our word for it

We have been pleased to find that our users are very enthusiastic about Amsterdam The Map. We have been given many unsolicited testimonials including the following:

App combineert GPS met gedetailleerde toeristenkaart. Heel handig. Richting van toestel wordt ook aangegeven. Zo hoef je niet te verdwalen.

— traveltheplanet (The Netherlands)

This is quite simply the best app for your visit to Amsterdam. Upgrade to the GPS version and never get lost. Really helpful day and night and in any part of the city.

— kiwibrit (United Kingdom)

This app gave me the confidence to wonder Amsterdam on my own without dealing with clumsy maps or even having to read street signs.

— Olliesgirl (United States)

“Much easier than looking up directions from a map, or a tour guide. I had the option of all three but kept using the App as it was so slick.”

— Eyeman Dave (UK)

“Maravillosa. Genial aplicación. Es una pena que no exista para más ciudades. Hizo todo lo que le pedía.”

— Antonio V’zquez Domínguez (España)

“Amazing. Best 2.99 I ever spent. This app has been priceless as it has guided us through Amsterdam and led us to popular tourist locations. Can’t recommend it enough.”

— danipohn (Canada)

“Genius app, the fact that I could use it with data turned off was why I purchased it. Loved sitting on a tram and knowing exactly where I was, or in a dark side street. I rate it 4.999999”

— Dave Hantman

“I actually found this app really useful. I managed to hit several museums I otherwise would have spent hours trying to find. Totally worth the $”

— Jonathan Haddad (US)

“Better than paying roaming fees. It tells you where you are, and points you the direction you want to go.”

— Alex4536 (UK)

“This is the best offline Amsterdam Map there is. It does what a good cityinfo app should do, all info is correct and map is easy to use. All this for good price.”

— Lourens Speksnijder (NL)